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LIBOTHAI Law Firm Co., Ltd., a distinguished law firm with offices in Bangkok and Hua Hin, offers international-standard legal and business consulting services, leveraging deep knowledge and understanding of the local environment. This positions us uniquely to serve our clients effectively in Thailand's dynamic legal landscape.


Our legal services are extensive, covering both counsel and litigation. Our team of licensed lawyers, who have graduated from Thailand's premier universities and possess over 15 years of experience, specialize in a broad range of fields. These include Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Property Law, Tax Law, Family Law, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property (IP) and New Technology Law, Labor Law, and International Trade issues. With our comprehensive experience in both advisory and litigation roles, we prioritize practical legal outcomes for our clients.


Furthermore, LIBOTHAI Law Firm is committed to providing strategic advice to both corporate entities and private clients navigating potential or existing legal challenges, all at a reasonable cost. Our approach is underpinned by one of Thailand's leading litigation teams, ensuring that our clients' objectives are met with the highest standards of excellence.


In addition to our legal services, we are also a professional accounting firm staffed by English-speaking Thai auditors and accountants with experience in top accounting firms within Thailand. We offer a range of services compliant with Thai Accounting Standards (GAAP) and Thai Accounting Law, including Thai accounting services in English, Thai Auditing Service adhering to Thailand Auditing Standards, as well as taxation, payroll, social security, and tax planning services designed to maximize benefits for our clients. Our auditors and accountants combine skill with extensive experience to deliver superior service across all aspects of accounting and financial management.


This comprehensive suite of services makes LIBOTHAI Law Firm Co., Ltd. an ideal partner for legal and financial consulting in Thailand, tailored to the needs of both local and international clients seeking expertise and guidance within the Thai legal and regulatory framework.

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