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Company Registration

Company Registration

"When we run the business until it grows, registration a company is one of choice to make reliability to our business." Normally proceeding business for beginner mostly do business by having single owner. Proceeding transaction is not complicate and can make a decision by ourselves, but when we proceed a business for a while business grow up. There is more circulation, that make we have the responsible for tax, debt and trading. The big trading partner will trust business in company more than proceeding by single person.

There are two types of Company Registration we provide:

  • Limited Company

  • Public limited Company

Registration of Limited Company

In general registration of  Limited Company found for the following reasons;

  1. As nowadays, running business by company limited is popular because mobilizing money a business is easy. It includes administration efficiently. The executive who has ability proceed together. It affects a business to secure and believable a lot which benefit that get from register company which are restrict responsibility following amount of real share, have long period mobilizing source because has method to mobilize a lot, for example selling stock. It make believable and good image to business, because there is law to control and put frame to proceed the transaction all the time. And the important thing if set up a business in type of juristic person will make a business pay for tax in highest rate just 20%. If setting up a business in type of having only one owner. Entrepreneur may get charge 35 %.

  2. Setting up company limited which has Thai nationality is one method that foreigner sets up for ownership whether in Hua Hin, Phuket, Pattaya or other areas. There are a lot of foreigners living there which Thai people hold share not less than 51% and foreigner who wants to own the land hold share not more than 49% of all shares, but has status as committee. Although company will be ownership of land, but foreigner as above can control proceeding of company includes power to manage land. So that, if you would like to do any business, register company is an interesting option. If you don’t know that your business suitable to register in company or not. An advantage and disadvantage or additional right and duty that happen we are pleased to give some advice and be your buddy to do business.

Registration of Public Limited Company

Public Limited Company is the company established for the purpose of offering shares for sale to the general public in order to raise money. The purpose is to invest or expand its business. This should be approved by the shareholders and it should benefit them by getting dividends. The company owner can also raise money with the cheaper capital than a bank loan.

Moreover, the structure of the public limited company are as follows: must have 15 or more shareholders who have the liability limited up to the amount to be paid on shares; each share must have the same value and must fully pay the shares’ price at only one time ;and must have at least 5 persons and at least half of the directors must have the registered address in Thailand.

Establishment of Public Limited Company shall be performed according to the following:

  1. Registering for company’s establishment : ordinary persons of 15 persons or above register the memorandum of association and prepare the prospectus for people to buy shares or when the persons who start up the company reserve to buy all the shares as specified in the memorandum of association, they shall call for the meeting for the company’s establishment. Afterwards, the persons who start up the company must submit all the affairs and documents to the directors elected in order to register the company’s establishment in the future.

  2. Transforming the private company to public limited company: the private company can be transformed to public limited company when the shareholders’ meeting have the extraordinary resolution according to the Civil and Commercial Code.

  3. Company’s Merger: two public limited company or above, or the public limited company and the private company can merge to become the public limited company. In case of merging between the public limited companies, the shareholders’ meeting of each company has the resolution of at least three-quarters of the number of votes from the shareholders who attend the meeting and have the right to vote. In case of merging with the private company, the shareholders’ meeting of such private company shall have the extraordinary resolution to merge according to the Civil and Commercial Code.

If you are interested in one of the purposes of registering such business but still unsure whether your business is suitable to register as a company, or whether there is any advantages and disadvantage or additional right and duty; we are pleased to give an advice about a business operation. Our service includes company registration, setting a company, value added tax registration, Social Security application, and open a bank account. This, however, depends on particular case.

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