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Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

Across all modes and segments of finance, a lawyer will be required to assist with negotiations, provide assistance in structuring deals and complete due diligence checks on other parties (usually the borrowing entity).

We will also act as a mediator between parties; helping everyone to reach common terms that are satisfactory to all involved. Throughout all of this, we will have to ensure that the deal is in line with all laws and regulations of the particular jurisdictions they involve, as well as completing formalities such as registration.

We will have to analyse and predict future trends, which may have an impact on the transaction or deal, and communicate this in a clear and concise way to our clients. As such, excellent attention to detail and having an exact knowledge of the fine-print is essential.

Our strength lies in crafting unique and innovative financing structures, taking into account local conditions and sensitivities. We assist local and foreign banks and financial institutions, borrowers and other clients, including insurance companies, hedge funds and corporates, on all aspects of structuring, and negotiating, and documentation of every kind of banking and finance transactions. With the broad expertise of our financing lawyers, we are adept at handling highly complex transactions in today’s evolving financial environment, including those that cross borders and legal regimes.

The banking and finance industry of Thailand has The Bank of Thailand Act, Financial Institution Business Act, Currency Act, Royal Decree regulating on Electronic Payment Services or the Emergency Decree on Asset Management Company, which are some of the most relevant regulations in Thailand that must be considered in the financial business sector.

In the era of financial globalization, Thai lawyers need to work with Foreign Lawyers to completely understand the interdependent financial relations of the present world and face the regulatory challenges of the banking industry, the innovation and its new trends.

We are  well known by delivering fast results without foregoing attention to details that are essential in the banking decision-making process. We have assisted clients, whether private companies/individuals and Thai/Non-Thai financial institutions, in a wide range of services related to the banking sector such as litigation, recovery, e-money licenses, project finance, loans and securities, cryptocurrency licenses, insolvency, private banking, capital markets or forex.

Bangkok Branch

Empire Tower, 47th Floor

1 South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, SATHORN

Bangkok 10120


Phone: 086-718-7320

Hua Hin Branch

29/273 Soi Hua Hin 58

Hua Hin Subdistrict


Prachup Kiri Khan 77110

Phone: 064-265-5210

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