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Heritage Land

In Thailand, when a landowner or holder of land title deeds, such as Nor Sor 3, Nor Sor 3 Kor, or Nor Sor 3 Khor, passes away, the land becomes part of the deceased's estate, subject to inheritance as sanctioned by statutory rights or by a will. The heirs entitled to inherit include legal heirs or the six recognized categories of heirs under Thai law: spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, and aunts and uncles.

These heirs have a prioritized right to inherit under the law, with living spouses also recognized as legal heirs. Thus, they are entitled to share in the inheritance alongside the other six categories of heirs mentioned.

Individuals who wish to claim their right to inherit land must apply for the registration of the transfer of land inheritance at the local land office where the property is situated. Required documents for this application include the land title deed or certificate of land use, the applicant's identity card, house registration, and the death certificate of the deceased.

In cases where there is a will, it serves as additional evidence for the inheritance process. If the applicant is married, a legal marriage certificate is required. For parents claiming inheritance on behalf of their children, proof of parentage or adoption documents is necessary. In situations involving multiple heirs, where some have already passed away, death certificates for these individuals must also be provided.

The process and timeline for registering the inheritance at the local land office depend on whether the application is for a declaration-required or non-declaration-required registration. For the latter, officials aim to complete the process promptly. However, for declaration-required applications, such as those involving inheritance registration or certificates, a 30-day public notice period is observed. If there are no objections, the local office notifies the applicant within two days to proceed with the registration, aiming to finalize everything swiftly.

Regarding the costs associated with transferring inherited land, fees typically include a nominal application charge (about 5 baht per plot), with inheritance transfer fees calculated at 2 percent of the assessed value. However, transfers between direct ascendants or descendants, or between spouses, are subject to a reduced rate of 0.5%, making the inheritance process in Thailand both structured and accessible for legal heirs.



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