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Heritage Land

When the owner of the land or title in the document regarding land title deeds, whether they be Nor Sor 3, Nor Sor 3 Kor or Nor Sor 3 Khor die. The land would then be a heritage which is the successor of the deceased heritage sanction by a statutory rights or by the Lord wills inheritance made. Heirs with legal rights or the 6 heirs of the law, parents, siblings, parents, siblings, parents, or father or mother, grandparents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Each sequence has the right to inherit before the law. By spouses who are still alive, the law is also considered a heir apparent. Therefore, we have the right to inherit together with the 6 successors of the above mentioned.

The person who wishes and has the right to inherit the land must apply for registration of the transfer of land inheritance at the local land office where the land is located. The evidence that must be included in the application for registration of transfer of land inheritance is a title deed or a certificate of land use. Identity card, house registration, death certificate of inheritance.

If the inheritance is a testament, then the testament is to use as evidence, if the applicant is married spouse must have a legal marriage certificate. If the applicant is a father, he / she must be registered with the mother of the inheritance or evidence of the adoption. In the case of multiple inheritance But some have already passed away. There must be evidence of the person's death certificate as well. The registration period Application for registration at the local land office where the land is located. And it is a type that is not required to be declared, such as registration, signing of the trustee, court order. The competent official will complete the work within that date On the other hand, if it is. Application for registration at the local land office where the land is located. And it is a type that must be declared 30 days, such as the heirs request for registration of inheritance. Or registration of inheritance certificate, etc. When the announcement is due, there is no objection. The competent official will make a written notice to the applicant for registration within two days. When the applicant contacts, the competent official will complete the work within that date.

The last thing to take into consideration the application for land inheritance. It is the cost and registration fees for the transfer of the inherited land.

It usually consists of a request for 5 baht per plot, 10 baht for inheritance, 50 baht for inheritance, and 2 percent for inheritance registration. But in case of inheritance transfersBetween the patriarch and the deceased Or between spouses Will be charged at the rate of 0.5%.


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