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Right Registration and Juristic Acts Regarding Immovable Asset Fees

An acquiring a land or doing juristic acts regarding immovable asset is a land or a building has to register with an officer so it will complete and legal. Right registration and juristic acts about immovable asset following land code of laws which specified an officer has to collect right registration fee and juristic acts to follow the specified law. Land code of law and ministry regulation which do for collecting fee to register right and juristic acts.

A right registration fee that we see in daily life. It consisted of:

  1. A right registration fee and juristic acts has capital which include selling, exchanging and not giving between parents and descendant or spouse. It calls following evaluate capital 2%

  2. Heritage transfer registration fee or give specific in between parents and descendant or spouse 1% / It calls following capital evaluation. If the case is in case

  3. Mortgage registration or preferential right fee has a fee 1% but not exceeding 200,000 Baht

  4. Lease registration has a fee for 1.1%

Moreover in building act of parliament in 1979 still specified fee to register a right and building juristic act which a definition and detail about building writer explained in the previous article. In this article will explain about fee only. The fee to register right and juristic act a building which are:

  1. Right registration fee and juristic act has capital. It calls following capital evaluation 2% but low level not less than 20 baht

  2. Heritage transfer registration or give specifies between parents and descendant or spouse. It calls following capital evaluation price 0.5%

  3. Lease registration fee or preferential right calculate following mortgage price or preferential right registration 1%

  4. Lease registration fee can calculate following lease fee thoroughly lease period or money for nothing or includes 2 things. In case lease for whole life can calculate lease fee equals to lease period for 30 years 1%

  5. A right registration and juristic acts which have no capital each condominium is 20 baht.

And the last one transfer registration fee and condominium mortgage registration fee. It specifics in case a cabinet has resolution to reduce the fee specially for public benefit or stability of country has to pay the fee 0.01%


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