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Notary Services

Notary Services

Assurance of signature and document is an attorney assures the document and signature signed in front of the notary public that document or a copy of such document that is truly authentic from the original or do other type of confirmation. It includes signing as a witness in such documents by attorneys who have been registered as Notarial services Attorney from the Lawyers' Council of Thailand under the Royal Patronage.

Sending documents to foreign countries to do transactions is necessary to send the documents back and forth between them to run a business, including the necessity to translate documents from One language to another language for understanding of both and enforcement in another country. But how do you know the translated documents are correct? It is necessary to have a learned person who have good knowledge and respected in the faithfulness to duty of assurance of the documents. Accuracy does not against with the law of the document. It includes the genuineness of the intent of the person who signed the document when the certifier has certified it and sent it to another country. The receiver will be confident. Both sides have confidence in the transaction between each other.

Work boundary of notary public (lawyer assures document or signature)

  • Assure signature of a person

  • Assure power of attorney

  • Assure copy of document that would be truly the same with original

  • Assure translation f document or translator

  • Assure position and authority of a person /a juristic person

  • Assure signature of director

  • Assure status of juristic person, signature, and authority to do of a person who signs the name in document.

  • Assure doing document on behalf of a company

We service Thai people and foreigners who would like document get assure from a lawyer legally and have confident to proceed document. We are happy to help you in Bangkok, Hua Hin and another area.

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Empire Tower, 47th Floor

1 South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, SATHORN

Bangkok 10120


Phone: 086-718-7320

Hua Hin Branch

29/273 Soi Hua Hin 58

Hua Hin Subdistrict


Prachup Kiri Khan 77110

Phone: 064-265-5210

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