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Employment & Labor

Employment & Labor

Labor laws are laws concerning rights and duties between employers, employees, employers’ confederation and employees’ confederation. These include measures which stipulating an act of employers, employees and confederations as mentioned earlier. The principle purpose of labor laws is to protect employees whereby an employment and business operation proceed in an orderly way.

Labor cases are different from general civil and criminal cases. That is, they are cases concerning public order caused by conflicts between employers and employees and directly related to labor which have an effect upon many people. Therefore, they are cases that should be given counseling and represented by lawyers who have considerable knowledge and expertise in labor.

The key principle in labor litigation is that it should be done economically, conveniently, quickly, and objectively. In addition, the procedure of labor cases is aimed at giving parties an opportunity to compromise which considered the core of the procedure.

However, nowadays, labor cases tend to be more complex due to changes in labor markets whether it is the development of production, distribution or services. These result from using machines or technology in place of human labor, becoming a full-fledged ageing society and employing people in different ways. Therefore we, as lawyers, are required to adapt and learn about changes in the labor situation in order to be able to provide services fairly and correctly in accordance with the social context ,and to protect employers and employees to act correctly in the future.

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