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Losing Your Job is Not the End of the World with Social Security Fund

Losing a job might sound terrifying. For those who are in an unemployment period are probably very stressed-- just imagine, one day you still get a job, the next day you lost your job and can’t find a new one. More importantly, there are a lot of expenses every month waiting to be paid. How can you handle all of this? Don’t worry, here we are to dispense some tips for all salarymen who are in a sad mood because of unemployment/ being an unemployed-to-be.

Most salarymen might have ever heard about Social Security Fund. Every 5 percent of employees’ contribution have a lot benefits than we’ve ever think especially for those who lost their jobs.

Even if you are unemployed, you can get a finance compensation! These are guidelines for qualifying for unemployment benefits:

  1. A person who has paid contribution for 6 months within 15 months before his/her unemployment with his/her latest employer or insured person in case of force majeure.

  2. A termination of employment is at least 8 days.

  3. Insured person shall register as job seeker via website within 30 days after being unemployed or after an employment contract is terminated shall be entitled to receiving the benefit starting from the 8th day from the date of unemployment with the last employer.

  4. A person shall present him/herself on the scheduled time from website of Employment Office at least once a month.

  5. A person shall be capable of performing the work and is ready to take on suitable job as offered.

  6. A person shall not reject the job training.

  7. A person shall not be terminated from employment thanks to:

    1. Dishonest on duty

    2. Commission of criminal offense to the detriment of the employer

    3. Serious infringement upon working rules, or regulation or lawful working order

    4. Abandoning the duty for 7 days consecutively without good reasons

    5. Recklessness which causes serious harms to the employer

    6. Having been sentenced to imprisonment by Court judgment

    7. Must not be the person entitled to old age benefit

The entitlement benefits you shall receive:

1.  In case of termination of employment: Unemployment benefit for not more 180 days per year at the rate of 50 % of the wage calculated on the basis of minimum contributions of 1,650 baht and maximum contributions of 15,000 baht. For instance, the insured person whose salary is approximately 10,000 baht will receive a severance pay of 5,000 baht/month

2.   In case of resignation: Unemployment benefit for not more than 90 days per year at the rate of 30 percent of the wage calculated on the basis of minimum amount of contribution of 1,650 baht and maximum amount of contributions not more than 15,000 Baht shall be payable. For instance, the insured person whose salary is approximately 10,000 baht will receive a severance pay of 3,000 baht/month

3.   Applying for compensation benefit in case of the termination of employment or both resignation and termination of employment If in the duration of 1 year, there was more than 1 application for the unemployment benefit, the counting of the unemployment benefit receiving period in total shall not exceed 180 days; the compensation benefit for loss of income shall be paid on monthly instalment basis by crediting to the Bank Account as notified by the insured. If the termination of employment ends more than 1 time in 1 year,

If you are an insured person and have the aforementioned qualification shall be entitled for unemployment benefits from Social Security every month. If you are in the unemployment period, these benefits can partly help you with your expenses. If you have any queries about the benefits, please visit the following website: or dial hotline 1506.

Credit: Facebook @interesting.deka


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