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Private Hires Elder

As we knew that majority people when they are 60 years old. It is age of retirement for working especially government service job, but other job is still working continually. Many people may do not know there is law for hiring elder who is 60 years old. According to royal decree issue no.639 in 2017 there is main point as follows:  “Giving right except income tax to employer which is company or juristic partnership that accepts elder who is up to 60 years old for working income amount 100 % of expense which pays to hire elder by employer can use right not more than 10% of all employee amount. For period of time of account begins on 1January 2017 until now if elder is working in many places in the same time for company or juristic partnership which accepts elder to work before. They are people who receive right to except income tax but not include employment. Elder who has wage more than 15,000 per month per person” in order that said elder needs to has quality as follow:

  1. A person who has Thai nationality age up to 60 years old.

  2. A person who is employee or juristic partnership that hires before or elder who registers for searching job with Department of Employment of Ministry of Labor.

  3. A person who is never or not director, shareholder of company or juristic partnership that hire said elder, company or juristic partnership in the same network.

  4. In case elder who works in many companies or juristic partnerships in the same time company or juristic partnership that accepts elder to work before to get right to deduct expense 2 times.

In conclusion this new law specifies to except income to company or juristic person that accepts elder who is 60 years old to work for promoting private to have more employment elder labor to work. Thank you for good information from Revenue Department


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