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Why Thais Have Assemble Infrastructure Fund of Thai Future (TFF)

When requirement of people in country about public utility and welfare is increasing and government has policy to response requirement of people to build enough facility for need, quantity of people in country for example building railcar, expressway, road, high speed internet, school, hospital, welfare and transportation etc. It needs to use high budget for building. Government has to provide money source for taking this money to build facility. Actually nowadays government has limit budget to build and investment fund only 500,000 million per year only but there is requirement to search capital for building facility more than 2.3 trillion which higher than budget a lot. And government can withdraw limit financial amount to avoid too much public debt but government also has solution to use for money source which is TFF fund.

As we know TFF is fund from investor to invest in infrastructure project that is essential to develop country by getting return from income of project and government does not need to borrow money as well. 

TFF has a lot of benefits we can summarize as follows:

  1. For developing infrastructure project immediately no need to wait for allocating money.

  2. No need to borrow money. It is not count as public debt and it is not burden of lineage.

  3. It is development capital market by increasing option product to invest.

  4. It is stable money source for people.

  5. There is rest money to develop in other side such as public health, education etc.

It can show that Thailand needs to have this fund for being money source to develop country. All Thai people can join to invest with this fund and many investors who interested in invest. This invest is interesting option and your investment fund can develop and improve Thailand and you get good return and use to be good saving money source as well.


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