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The Addition of a Home Legally

Many readers who purchased housing development or townhouse may would like to add for increasing a living area especially kitchen area or in a back which is the most popular renovation. Indeed, the modification of the house or town house has a control law which many people have never heard before or know but often overlooked.

The word “house modification” in a law uses specific word as “modification” which is the word that has wider meaning than the word addition which means changing, adding, reducing or extend boundary ,shape, proportion, weight, space of building or part of the building. It was differently built from an old one. Therefore, an addition kitchen space or in a back of a house or townhouse is a modification following a meaning that a law gave definition.

Basic principal when you would like to modify a building is need to get permission from local officer that house or townhouse that locate first or need to inform local officer together with submit plan and a name of the architect or engineer who designs or works to officer. In case a house locates in Bangkok you have to ask for permission with Bangkok provincial governor or in another province you have to ask or inform chief executive of the PAO To change any part of the House that is not a part, building structure using the same material of the original or another type, which does not add weight make for more than 10% of the original structure and weight change. Reduce or enlarge the scope shape, proportions, weights or any space of your home that is not a building, structure, and these actions do not necessarily increase the weight exceeds 10%, scrapping the structure of the original building structure.

In addition to altering the home must also take into consideration long-term retreat or the distance to the sides of buildings, or road. That we are altering. Extended or contrary to these guidelines. Where the result of a breach or non-compliance with the criteria in such a home, retrofit it to explain, understand, A modification of a house has to ask for permission or inform an officer, but if we ignore to do it or if we really got permission to modify, but we modified differently from what we get permission or the plan that we submit. We can be punished as follows. 1. Imprisonment not exceeding 3 months, or a fine up to 60,000 baht or both and fine daily not more than 10,000 also violating or not operating correctly. And / or if the neighboring are legally responsible for the alleged harm or the officer found that we were added incorrectly or not properly authorized. The official has the authority to order the house owner or the construction contractor to suspend the construction. If this is the case, it can be corrected.


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