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Personal Income Tax

Let’s acquaint with “Personal Income Tax”   Personal income tax is tax that collects from normal person who have income no matter any kind or type. If there is except law it is in scope that have to pay tax or it is tax that collects from tax unit that have special quality according to specify law and there is income happens according to criterion that specify law. It must present to Revenue Department following form to show specify tax list. A person who has duty to pay personal income tax that is natural person, person who passes away during tax year, heritage pile that not divides yet, limited partnership that not juristic person and group of people that not people. Collecting this personal income tax has 2 principles as follows:

  1. Principal of source rule which are money that get from work, business or business of employer or property that happens in Thailand.

  2. Resident rule which are person who has address in Thailand total 180 days in tax year or has income from money source in foreign country, business or property in foreign country and a person imported to Thailand within tax year same as income year happen.

Many people worry that they have to pay a lot or less money and will reduce tax by which method and how to pay less tax we will summarize as follows:

  1. Social security according to amount that actually pay not more than 9,000 THB

  2. Lending rate to buy house or for living deduct tax according to money that actually pay but highest not more than 100,000 THB. 

  3. Insurance premium highest reduces not more than 200,000 THB

  4. Retirement Mutual fund can uses condition of reduction uses right to reduce tax not more than 15% of income per year and not more than 500,000 THB per years. If you will invest in RMF to reduce tax you need to do not forget to consider condition of tax reduction that revenue department specified as well.

  5. Long term equity fund can use right to reduce not more than 15 income per year and not more than 500,000 THB per year.

  6. Kor bor Khor counterpart fund and reservation fund for living can reduce tax according to amount that actual pay. Total amount is not more than 500,000 THB.

  7. Donation money is expense for support education. It can deduct to reduce 2 times of amount of money that pay actually but not more than 10% of remain money after deducting expense and reduction fee.

  8. Spouse reduction fee spouse amount 30,000 THB

  9. Take care of children and their education reduce tax 15,000 THB per person but not more than 3 people (maximum 45,000 THB)

  10. Take care of parents fee 30,000 THB per person maximize not more than 120,000 THB

  11. Parents health insurance premium in case parents have income not more than 30,000 THB per year and we buy health insurance for you can take health insurance premium to reduce tax 15,000 THB

A person who submit tax has to submit form to show list correctly according to kind that law specifies with pay tax (if any) at every area revenue departments or post office (specific a person who has hometown in Bangkok) and online website of revenue department and do not forget that you have to submit tax within specify time.


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