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Relationship Between Husband and Wife

According to Thai Tradition , when man and woman marry ,respectful old people always said when they married they need to stay and build family together. Moreover they help each other and this is social relation. Meanwhile, man and woman will have completely husband and wife status and it causes legal relationship between husband and wife. Husband and wife have to stay together and help each other following capability and status of each person. Staying as husband and wife we understood that it means stay together, live together and have sex intercourse. For supporting, it is helping each other, performing duty in family for making family happy for example taking care of house and children, including giving the necessary things for living - money and consumer goods. 

Furthermore, responsibility of husband and wife is loyal to love of each other. Husband and wife need to not have relationship with other if they do wrong, other side has right to enter suit for divorce and require for compensation. As we knew well that nowadays government is supporting about rights of man and woman equally. So that, about using title and first name and last name of woman can use Miss or Mrs. She can change last name and use husband name or use her own last name. In the same time marriage does not cause the change of nationality. However, if foreigner would like to get Thai nationality as spouse can do by requesting with institute who has power. And moreover, law gives place of residence for living. It is native habitat of husband and wife. For other right husband and wife have right to reprove or teach by verbal and have right to protect life, body and reputation of spouse from action of outsider.

But sometimes man and woman stay together. They cannot avoid family problems for example attacking each other that makes them split , or a case which during they stay together and one of them becoming insane. And if one of them is not insane, it will make responsibility to support. Relationship between husband and wife -3 special cases- will do the job between husband and wife changing from normal or not. We will talk again in the next article.

Law gives right to husband and wife to agree to temporary separate if it necessary. For example spouse cannot live normally, This will have no more duty to stay together ,but husband and wife status is not finished. However, Agreement to temporary stay separate is not more than 3 years. If longer than period of time, one of spouse can enter a claim for divorce. Some case if spouse cannot make an agreement and if they resist to stay together husband and wife may  mental and physical Injured . If it happen husband or wife will injured can sue to get command for staying separate.

In case for one of spouse is crazy or have symptom during stay together. One of spouse who is normal person can be curator or guardian, because it’s a responsibility of husband and wife to take care of each other. However, if one of spouse is also crazy or always attack each other, interested person can request to use other people to be curator. Anyhow, one of spouse has responsibility to support and perform properly for letting crazy person has security by property, physical and mental. For example Husband is crazy. Wife has to bring to see doctor and don’t let husband go to the road.

Being crazy as mentioned above does not mean insane people but it includes person who have abnormal symptom for example lack of consciousness, feeling or responsibility, because that person cannot do his or her own business or take care of himself or herself. Spouse needs to take care of him or her to be perfect spouse and get compliment from society.


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