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Defendant is Not Wrong

It would be very sad story if a person becomes “offender”, “defendant” and “imprison” when he or she did not do anything wrong.

After we become offender and defendant. We are imprisoned during court consider case and plaintiff withdrawal case or has judgment that defendant is not wrong.


Defendant is not wrong, he or she will get:

  • Imprison fee 500 baht per day

  • Missing benefit to earn a living fee because he or she cannot work it makes his or her lack income during he or she is imprisoned will get minimum wage at province that he or she worked

  • Medical fee this have to sickness from become defendant directly . They will actually pay not more than 40,000 baht (other disease that sick before cannot get money)

  • Physical and Mental recovery fee from become defendant. They will actually pay not more than 50,000 baht.

  • Room / food in case he or she has to go to see a doctor in hospital because of sickness that become defendant not more than 1,000 bath per day.

  • Expense that necessary for suing such as lawyer fee. Defendant may have to hire lawyer for defending. In in part they will actually pay not more that ministerial regulation rate or other expense will actually pay but not more than 40,000 baht.

If dies during imprison,

and become defendant who is not wrong.

  • Compensation 100,000 baht per person

  • Crop management fee 20,000 baht per person

  • Lacking support of family not more than 40,000 baht

  • And any damage not more than 40,000 baht

Defendant is not wrong will get consider to receive compensation from action of case. Trouble that defendant receive during imprison has chance to compensate from other way.

He or she realize that he or she is not wrong also contact Department of Protection of Rights and Freedoms at Provincial Justice Bureau.

“Defendant is not wrong” he or she has to submit to ask for compensation within 1 year from day that court withdraw case or has judgment to the last that defendant is not wrong.

Reference :  Justice Bureau Office


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