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Asking to Bail Out

What is ask for bailing out?

"Asking to bail out" is ask for permission to let offender or defendant free from arrest of officer or court according to period of time for do not let offender or defendant get arrest too long or unnecessary during investigation or case consideration. Because if there is not necessary to arrest officer should release temporarily which need to presume that offender or defendant is not wrong before there is judgment to the last. And officer cannot behave to offender or defendant as he or she is guilty. The person can ask for bailing out offender or defendant in every level during investigation and case consideration”

Rule to consider to ask for bailing out

  • If there is obvious evidence that a person is guilty, an officer may not allow to bail out.

  • An officer considers and has an opinion that an offender or defendant will not make trouble or make damage to others during the bail out.

  • How is behavior of case?

  • How serious of situation?

  • Prosecutor, plaintiff, sufferer or inquiry officer has objection word does not allow to bail out.

  • In case offender or defendant is child or youth, the court will consider behavior, background, environment and parents about care of child and have to get comment or command from director of community home.

What we need to use for bailing out defendant

  • Cash, Bank account

  • Title deed Nor Sor 3 Kor / Nor Sor 3,

  • Government bond, Government savings lottery.

  • Freedom Insurance policy

  • Position / vocation to guarantee

  • Government sector (government officer, employee)

Who has the right to file a petition to ask for bail out

Offender or defendant or people who involve. For example parents, heir, husband, wife, relatives, commander, employer, spouse or a person that the court allows to bail out.

Who can oppose to bail out

  • Witness

  • Sufferer

  • Inquiry officer

  • Prosecutor

Offender or defendant who gets opportunity and get permission to bail out, needs to be careful of his/her behavior, not to make trouble or annoy other during bail out and needs to cooperate with officer perfectly. Otherwise he or she will not get opportunity or freedom to live in daily life anymore.

Reference:  Interesting supreme page, Office of Justice page.


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