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Family will maintain happily everyone in family needs to support each other follow ability and status. Law specified the duty for husband and wife to have responsibility to support each other. The word support does not mean specific only expense to buy food to eat but means expense in living place, clothes, medicine, tuition fee etc. At the same time person has right to get support money has 4 kinds which are husband, wife, child, parents, subordinator, adopted child receiver and adopted child.

Getting the support fee between husband, wife, father, mother, child, subordinator, adopted child receiver and adopted child law specify to call when side should get support. And does not get support or follow financial status, for example husband give money use or does not provide food wife can sue for support money or give adopted child 1 meal which not enough by financial status. Adopted child can sue to get support money. But court will sentences that how much to give support money is discretion  court. Suing to get support money have to sue follow specific way in Act of juvenile and family and way to consider juvenile and family case. If court see that behavior , income or financial status of litigant that change. Court   will order to revise to add, reduce, withdraw support money. But that court order will be support money in the future. It will not affect to the past and mainly support money can be weekly, monthly or annual.

Right to get support money as above is individual right that cannot sacrifice or transfer to another, for example husband made an agreement with wife that they won’t request for any support, This agreement is invalid because it’s illegal. Or in case that court sentences to let husband pay for support money monthly 6000 per months Child cannot make agreement transfer support money to Mr. A.. It’s invalid, because if let transfer right to get support money. Person who get support money can suffer. However, law forbid specific to sacrifice or transfer to get support money. Law does not forbid to bring money or property to sell to other ,because that property becomes ownership of that person.


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