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Agreement Between Husband and Wife

Husband and wife can do an agreement to each other. It is a prenuptial agreement or a postnuptial agreement about management property which law opens an opportunity to let husband and wife choose the method of property management that is proper to their family to maintain happiness in family.

First case, doing the prenuptial agreement about property in Thailand, husband and wife have to inform this agreement in marriage license or split a document attached in the last page of marriage license.

Following the principle of doing the prenuptial agreement when we already do. It will bond the spouse forever and cannot change the prenuptial agreement except getting permission from the court. If the spouse still agrees to change the agreement without permission or the spouse specifies the condition or agreement to be able to revise the prenuptial agreement, it is the agreement which is illegal and the result does not change the prenuptial agreement. However, even law gives right to the spouse to specify the property management system to be different from the normal law about the property management between husband and wife. Despite the result of doing the prenuptial agreement, it will bound specific husband and wife only. For outsiders, it still hold the following property system according to the normal law except outsiders know that husband and wife agree to do the prenuptial agreement.

When husband and wife marry, they have rights to do the property agreement like others. The postnuptial agreement about property for example the agreement which has objects of debt is property for example the agreement to give property to each other, the trade agreement, the exchange agreement including the agreement of sharing marriage property. The postnuptial agreement,  the law did not specify specially. However, they do not do the postnuptial agreement in the  part of the marriage property management which is important. And husband and wife have to do together for example buying, selling, exchanging, loaning, leasing etc. 

Because of doing the postnuptial agreement of one side, they may fall in love. This makes them unwilling to do the agreement that makes them lost advantages.Law allowed to let husband and wife cancel the agreement within 1 year after they finished marriage which made husband and wife back to their own status like they never do the postnuptial agreement before.


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