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Adopted Child

Most of adoption in present becomes a big deal of people who don’t have baby, because in most of this people in psychology feel lack and metal completion which raising children can helps a mental integrity that relieving their a loneliness, adoption is legal act which caused relations between persons who are not related by blood as father, mother and child law specified qualification of the adopter’s age must be at least 25 years old and older than adopted child at least 15 year.

Adoption has affect for authority and duty in the adopter and the adopted child’s family. Person who involved has to know and give consent to child adoption. Person who gives consent is adopted child, father, mother of adopted child, persons who be responsible for foster home OR even also husband or wife of the adopter. Moreover, about consent that the law also specified that the minor be adopted by only one person except be the adopted child of spouse of the adopter.

However completion for adoption will achieves when the adopter and the adopted child requests to register for adoption with registrar when registering complete already the adopted child must be the same status like legal child of the adopter. Authority and duty between the adopter and the adopted child is the same as authority and duty between the parents and child ,the real parents of children are deprived parental authority since the day they are adopted . However, the adopted child will not be deprived authority and duty in family that they birth. It’s affect to nor have right to get heritage of adopted child in status legal heir as well.

When adoption is relationship between father and children that has a legal effect from adoption is not relates by blood. Therefore adoption can terminate.  If the parties agree to terminate for adoption or there are a cause follow law adoption is terminated such as adopter get married with adopted child. If the adopter pass away, does not result in termination of adoption. The adopted child still have an authority to receive a legacy of adopter But minor parental authority will return to the real parents.


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