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Absconding After the Provisional Release? Here’s the Preventive Measure

Measure for monitoring an accused or defendant released on bail.

In general, there is an application for provisional release submitted to the court to consider for a release of an accused or defendant for a specified period of time so that the accused or defendant is not under custody at the court longer than necessary during the investigation or the proceeding at the court. If the court considers that the accused or defendant will not cause any trouble after being release on bail, the provisional release will be granted.

However, there are some cases when the accused or defendant is out on bail, he/she absconds. As a result, there is a preventive measure to monitor the accused or defendant when this happens as follows:

1. Monitor

There will be monitoring officer who will supervise, prevent the accused or defendant’s absconding and give advice. The accused or defendant must report himself/herself to this officer. Regarding the monitoring officer, he/she will not be an officer in-charge of this case, bailor, the person pledging as the security for bail or the security’s owner. The monitoring officer must be appointed by the court and will receive compensation and expense in case the accused or defendant does not abscond, harm or cause any trouble after being released on bail.

2. Help

The court will help the accused or defendant in case he/she does not have enough money to go to the court or comply with the condition specified by the court.

3. Reward

In case the accused or defendant absconds, anyone who sees should blow the whistle on such matter so that the accused or defendant absconds will be arrested. Or else, if police, administrative officer or general public is requested to arrest and the accused or defendant absconds is finally arrested, that person will be rewarded.

For the accused or defendant, if the court grants the provisional release, you should strictly comply with regulation during the period of being release on bail. Anyone who complies with the condition specified by the court, he/she will be given chance and helped. However, if you do not comply with such condition and thinking of absconding, you will be accused of a new charge and will not be given any chance because your action indicated that you are a real offender!!

Credit: Office of Justice Affairs


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