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xx Accounting

xx Accounting

Actually, accounting is not less important than manufacturing and marketing to entrepreneurs.

Accounting information can make the business owner aware of all aspects of the company's financial status. Accounting can also make it be possible for your business to know the performance, financial status and security of your business.  It will not only help you know the main income or  secondary income of your business ,but it also analyzes the strengths and weakness of your business ,then it can create a strategy and develop policies increasing profits. By the accounting office will record the account lists that occur in the operation , such as investment, incomes and expenses and nonessential  expenses to the operation and expenses that make your profits become lower (to consider for dropping  nonessential  expenses and for internal control). And preventing a corruption which may be happened in the business without a private part (owner part) recording, is recorded  lists and information, a financial report, such as the balance sheet and deficit profits reflected in the operation as following :

Deficit profits will reflect the result of operation in a particular time that how much income or expenses are the business have? , profits or losing result. Besides also helps in assessment of capability in the future such as; analysis a tendency of growth of income from accounting office

Balance sheet will reflect a business’s financial status such as;  property, obligation and owner belonging part that How stable is business? Existing assets will indicate the potential of growth and capability in competition of business in the future. Besides it also indicates liquidity and risk at the moment

Cash flow statement will reflect changes business’s financial status in a particular time will be divided 3 into activities which are;

  1. Cash flow from proceeding activity

  2. Cash flow from investment activity

  3. Cash flow from making money activity

By numbers shown in financial budget can be analyzed as a financial ratio to evaluate success in operation such as; business liquidity evaluation, property performance evaluation, business’s profitability evaluation and ability of payment.

Unless your business need to do account .You also need to submit tax correctly as specified by law that given juristic person must be submitted a tax application 2 times per year  the first time  called “Half-year corporate income tax submitting” must be submitted within 60 days from the last day of  first every 6 months  of  account period by using only “Por.Ngor.Dor.51” to submit the matter. And second time called “End-Year earnings income tax submitting” must be submitted within 150 days from the last day of account period in that year by using “Por.Ngor.Dor.50” to submit  that 2 times of submitting  can be submitted by themselves or let authorized agent from the company to submit it instead if you are in Bangkok area you can do it  at revenue department or if you are in provincial area  can do it at district office at that company is located. Besides Nowadays both of Por.Ngor.Dor.51 and Por.Ngor.Dor.50 can be submitted online at the revenue department website. Or if you worry about difficulty of document we can help you to do account and  submit tax for your convenience and if you operate in Hua Hin area, you can contact us immediately.

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