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Parents and Child

Everyone knows that a person who still be the minor will let the parents protect.  However, if the parents pass away or loss which no one knows where they were or being deprived of parental authority that needs other to perform instead of the parents, these person is the parents. The parents must be a people who become legal age that the court appoints to protect the minor by using judicial discretion for appointing that must be consider of well-being and benefit of minor.

Protecting the minor for the parents can use authority and perform duty to protect the minor easily and don’t need to worry about ask for permission form who. Therefore, the number of the parents will have for one time need to have only one person.  But if there is a reasonable reason, the court will appoints many parents. And when the court has order parenthood will begin since the day that person knows the command of the court.

However ,The most important matter of the parents is the understanding of authority and duty between the parents and subordinator which the law specified that the parents need to make a subordinate’s account of assets and the court accepts before the parent to manage everything about the assets of subordinator .so that if the parents have debt that give benefit and penalties to subordinate must be informed to the court. Taking care of the minor , the parents have authority like the minor’s father and mother but they required to spend the money of subordinator for aliment and education only and take the remaining money to invest for seeking the benefit such as buying government bond. On the contrary although law will gives authority to the parent for protecting the minor like the minor’s father and mother but subordinator or the minor have no duty to take care of the parents in return or gives any pension because the parent’s acting is sacrificing for benefit of relatives and society.

When there is a beginning there must be the end.  Protecting will ends when the minor or subordinator die or become a person of legal age because of the need for the parents is run out which includes the court order removal of parental authority because using authority wrongfully or negligently causes damage to the minor. However if protecting between the parents and subordinator be end that the minor become insane person which the court ordered give an incompetent person. Protecting transferred to curator that will come to protect benefits by curator and will has authority like the parents.


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