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Ownership of Condominiums of Foreigners

A foreigner or a juristic person who is considered a foreigner is entitled to hold a legal unit in a condominium unit. It contains two criteria. If both of these are not fulfilled, it will not be possible to own the unit. These criteria are:

First of all, it must be a foreigner or a juristic person whose law is considered as a legal foreigner. Is a foreigner who is allowed to reside in the Kingdom under immigration law. Or as a foreigner who is permitted to enter the Kingdom under the law on promotion of investment or is a juristic person deemed legal by a foreigner. Or a foreign entity pursuant to the Announcement of the National Executive Council No. 281, dated November 24, 1972 and granted a promotion certificate under the law on promotion of investment Or a foreigner or a legal entity that is considered by the law to be a foreigner who brings foreign currency into the Kingdom. Or, if a foreign currency is sold or deposited in a foreign currency deposit into a foreign currency deposit account of no more than US $ 5,000 or equivalent at market rates, use a letter of Acceptance of Foreign Currencies. Or put foreign currency into the account. Foreign currency deposits with text Specify whether to pay for any suite.

Second, the ownership of the unit that the alien request to transfer. When combined with the ownership of a foreigner suite Or juristic person Where the law is considered a foreigner , the former must not exceed forty percent of the total space in the condominium.  For Thai people with spouses who are foreigners, both fond of and unlawful, would like to buy a suite. Whether a person is of Thai nationality only. Or buy with an alien spouse. It must consider the alien is important. The foreign spouse must be an alien of the type described above. Thai spouses have the right to buy a suite as a foreign spouse. And it is assumed that the apartment is owned by an alien. Unless a Thai spouse is an alien, he / she will use his / her personal money to buy the apartment. The money to buy all the units. It is personal property or private property of its own. In this case, Thais who have foreign spouses can afford to buy a suite. Without having to consider that the spouse is an alien. And it is considered that the suite is a part of the Thais.


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