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Certificate of Land Ownership

Land can count as an immovable valuable property . It can be used for as areas of resident, agriculture ,  industry, and the guarantee. Moreover, a land can be the benefit to show the status , so people try to find a chance getting the right of a land owner themselves. Although the land is so expensive, many people try to work to get the land for themselves.

The knowledge of title deed about a land is , therefore, very necessary for people who would like to sell ,buy or rent a land. Because of these land documents are evidences to assure the ownership. The right to own and make profit in the immovable property ,today we will let you understand about each kind land document.

The first kind of title deed is the land paper of the owner. It is the paper that informs the possession of the land. It is the evidence that shows a possessor informing that he or she owns a plot of land (but now there is no informing Sor Kor 1 anymore) Sor Kor 1 is not the document showing the land ,because it is not from the government service ,but only from the declaration of the land owner. So that, according to the law land which has Sor Kor 1 transferring only for the intention to sacrifice to own and not hold with the delivery transferor only. It can consider as it is rightfully transferred.

After that, the second kind of the title deed is the reservation paper (Nor Sor 2). It is the document from the government service showing the consent to own for making benefit on the land temporarily. This reservation paper is for the person provided by the governmental office for living according to the land code of laws. This government office will have announced to reserve sometimes in each locality and who would like to be the person who would like to reserve should listen to the news of the government office .

And the third kind title deed which does the benefit assuranced confirmation is the governmental office document done the benefit already. There are 3 formats which are Nor. Sor. 3 for the normal land owner. The area has no position. The quality is the floating map. It is not the specific location of land surely or from the locality which has no air photograph No Sor 3 Kor from the area that has the position. The air photograph specifying the location of land in the position of air photograph( the local sheriff is the person who issues it ) and Nor Sor 3 Kor will do in the local without the air photograph. And the minister announced to cancel the authority and duty to perform following the land code of laws of the area leader. Sheriff or the deputy who is the leader at sub-district(A and an officer is the person who issues it).

Next Certificate of ownership type 5 is Title deed is Certificate of ownership which issued by current law of land.  Besides including Map title deed , Brief title and say “Used already” which issued by old law of land.  The land owner deems having an Ownership of land completely that Title deed is certificate of ownership that having scope and number of areas of the land each plot is correct cause can be protect from encroachment to extend the boundary to possess into the government’s land and use for the evidence that show capital or guarantee to apply for a loan and loan money to use for capital to add power of manufacturing and income to up higher living.

All of these important document shows even the person has right better than another person but if you neglected the land not use the land that if the land is Title deed that neglected over 10 years and the land has land using certificate that neglected over 5 consecutive years that the land must has become of the government in law OR if you neglected that another person who adverse possession by peaceable that intent to be ownership by you do not to obstruct it. For the land that having Title deed for 10 consecutive years that the person who take possession will have the right to prosecute to the court for the court ordered that as above person get ownership on the land by possession. And the land that having land using certificate (Nor.Sor.3 , Nor.Sor.3 kor., Nor.Sor.3 Khor) spent time for only 1 year to snatch the possession that you will forfeit a right. So that when your land has as above important documents already you should use the land and caring for maximum benefit that the land will be your belonging and valuable heritage to your heir in the future.


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