Do you know that getting married does not cause husband and wife status?

               Nowadays men and women will agree to be legal husband and wife. They have to follow family legislation in Civil and Commercial Code which identified that when men and women register a marriage certificate in front of an officer, it will cause result of being legal husband and wife immediately. Although, they practically register a marriage certificate without   having a wedding party , or man and woman never stay together. Being the legal husband and wife does not stop and they still have right and responsibility according to law in every point. Normally people understand that a marriage certificate registration needs to go to district office, but the truth is law gives rights to men and women to be able to request officer to marry outside registry for example at their house or wedding party. An officer has no right to deny the registration if that couple has all qualifications.

                   The marriage between man and woman can do in Thailand or another country. Man and woman have to express intention to embassy officer or Thai consul who performs being marriage registrar at Royal Thai Embassy of each country. In the same time , if woman and man do not want to marry following Thai law, they can follow marriage condition of each country. The result of that marry will complete and get acceptance following for Thai law.

                   However, under uncertainty of each day sometimes make us not register a marriage certificate as normal method as mentioned above , for example, man and woman are in dangerous situation or state of war. The law gives an opportunity to marry in emergency situation by man and woman having to express intention to marry in front of major at that place. That person has to inform and show intention for bringing to register a marriage certificate within 90 days after emergency passing by, the marriage will be legal.

                Finally, the marriage of man and woman will register a marriage certificate which has worship or not or register a marriage certificate in the country or another country. If that marriage performs the following pattern and condition of marriage following Thai law, man and woman will have legal husband and wife status. It can be an evidence to show another people. And the most important thing is to help government to provide social service and systematize taxation correctly and properly.